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Simple Money Solutions
By Nancy Lloyd

Published by Random House/Times Business

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Simple Money Solutions

USA Today
There are a few basic rules about how to handle money sensibly. Unfortunately, many of us have no idea what they are.  Along comes Nancy Lloyd…Her writing is a breeze to read, and she offers a smorgasbord of ideas to boost your bottom line right away.  She shows practical ways to free up cash…get out of debt and set up an investment portfolio with just a few dollars a month. …The chapter on financial decisions during life's milestones - divorce, death of a spouse or caring for aging parents - is useful to anyone and would resonate with boomers whose responsibilities straddle several generations.  Her book is particularly apt for those who tend to view financial planning as just slightly less painful than a root canal. …Lloyd's book is an excellent starting point.

MONEY Magazine
Looking for a smart, useful book about money and investing? So were we.  [Simple Money Solutions is one of a few books that takes] on the world of personal finance from a practical point of view and [has] much to offer both the beginner and the sophisticate. …The former Federal Reserve economist touches all the hot-button issues: credit-card debt, retirement, mortgages, saving, investing, health care, car shopping. A terrific seven-page calendar tells you when to focus on taxes, open an IRA, ask for a raise or join a health club.

If you've ever heard Lloyd's warm and breezy conversations with NPR "Morning Edition" host, Bob Edwards, about finding the best credit-card rates or refinancing a mortgage, you know she's in touch with the concerns of "real" people.  Lloyd's Simple Money Solutions is structured like a lot of personal-finance guides, with the requisite chapters on debt and credit, buying a house, estate planning, insurance, and basic investing.  What raises this book above the rabble, however, is Lloyd's attention to subjects other authors ignore, particularly teaching kids about money. This includes imparting money values, funding a college education, and protecting teenagers from the siren call of the credit-card industry.  Other bonuses include advice on what to do if you're laid off, how to reduce your phone bill, and even how to prevent getting fleeced by health-club membership contracts.  This is a great book for anyone who wants to clean up his or her financial life.

Publishers’ Weekly
Straightforward advice on spending and saving comes from financial journalist Nancy Lloyd in Simple Money Solutions. This user-friendly guide includes strategies for investing with only a few dollars each month, maximizing pay and perks, managing finances online and finding bargains on everything from a health club membership (consider joining a generic gym) to a new home....

She is sometimes billed as "the Martha Stewart of money," but the "simple solutions" promised by her title suggest more the everyday practicality and uncomplicated "do-ability" of "hints from Heloise." Lloyd's tips and advice fit into 10 broad categories, which include credit, home buying and mortgages, pay and benefits, family finance, and retirement. Using real characters to illustrate a wide diversity of specific topics, she simplifies asking for a raise, setting a child's allowance, placing an order with an online broker, and researching the used-car market.

CBS MarketWatch
There are hundreds of personal finance books out there …but this one, from a well-known National Public Radio commentator, is a little different.  First of all, the information is organized well.  Also, it's sprinkled with common-sense tips, called "Lloyd's Laws." You won't have trouble getting through most of it in about three days. And once you've flipped through it, you can figure out very easily how to personalize the information to fit your own financial situation.

Dallas Morning News
This guide suggests ways to pinch dollars, not pennies, in credit and bank fees; through savvy shopping (for cars, health clubs, phone service and more); on insurance (life, health, auto, disability and long-term care), housing, investments, education and retirement. 
When it comes to money, many personal finance gurus know their stuff. The problems start when they try to get you to know your stuff.  Nancy Lloyd is a smart and entertaining exception.  In Simple Money Solutions, Lloyd offers specific, detailed advice in a conversational, easy-to-digest style. The result is a book of tips that will inspire readers to put workable ideas into practice and reap the financial rewards…This book will help lift you out of the money mire, and provide just what its title offers--solutions.

Tom Bradford, co-executive producer,
CBS Morning News

"Lloyd understands the economy and personal- finance issues inside and out. But what separates her from the ever-growing number of so-called financial experts is her ability to explain complex financial information in the most basic terms."